HONTATEDORI is the first album by the trio of Taku Unami, Moé Kamura, Tetuzi Akiyama who had been playing together as a permanent group without its name since October 2009. They hesitantly began to use HONTATEDORI as the name of their group after this album was released. Their songs are based on monophonic score written by Unami that sounds like medieval Plainchant but peculiar one, together with words arranged by Kamura as if collecting the thread of tales, which are somehow familiar yet anonymous, accompanied with Akiyama’s hallucinating electric guitar with custom made tape echo. Originally their music sounded as covert and whispering folk music, however, they’ve come to the sound of quiet funkness and cold psychedelia after years of their activity specially during the recording of this album. Every process of HONTATEDORI’s music is done by all three of the trio.